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XBDX rriEmnFM unit 

The Xbox Memory Unit provides more than 500 blocl<s of additional, portable storage space for saved game 
information. It is for use exclusively with the Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft. 
IMPORTANT! Before using this product, read the Xbox Instruction Manual for important safety information 
and health warnings. Please retain both the Xbox Instruction Manual and this manual for future reference. 
The limited warranty covering this Xbox Memory Unit is contained in the Xbox Instruction Manual. 


To connect an Xbox Memory Unit, insert the Xbox Memory 

Unit into either expansion slot on an Xbox Controller or, 

other Xbox peripheral. To disconnect, pull out the Xbox 

Memory Unit. 

Note Do not touch Xbox Memory Unit terminals or the Xbox 

Controller or peripheral expansion slots with your fingers or 

allow metal parts to touch them. Doing so may damage the 

Xbox Memory Unit or the Xbox Controller or peripheral. 

To personalize the Xbox Memory Unit by giving it a name 

1. Turn on the Xbox console with no disc in the 
disc tray. 

2. Select Memory, then select a specific Xbox 
Memory Unit. 

3. Select Personalize, then enter a name for 
your Xbox Memory Unit. 

Once the Xbox Memory Unit is personalized, the user interface will identify your Xbox Memory Unit 
by its new name. 

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You can store saved games or other game information on Xbox Memory Units. For information about saving 

games, see your game manual. 

You can copy information from Xbox Memory Units to other connected Xbox Memory Units or to the Xbox hard 

disk. Also, you can delete saved games to free memory blocks on the Xbox Memory Unit. 

To copy or delete saved games 

1. Turn on the Xbox console with no disc in the disc tray. 

2. Select Memory, then select a specific Xbox Memory Unit. 

3. Select a specific saved game name. 

4. Select Copy to move that file to another Xbox Memory Unit or to the Xbox hard disk, or Delete to 
remove the selected game from the Xbox Memory Unit. 


Should you have any problems, do not attempt to take apart, service, or modify the Xbox Memory Unit or Xbox 
console in any way. Doing so could present the risk of serious injury or death from electric shock or fire, and 
it will void your warranty. Do not take your Xbox video game system or this peripheral to your retailer for repair 
or service, unless instructed to do so by an Xbox Customer Support representative. 
Please see or call the Xbox Customer Support number: 

- Hong Kong: 800 96 4215 

■ Singapore: 800 448 1330 

^X^ xoox 

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A# ^^X| ^^^A|2. A|-0|^-1- gi5|-7iL|- Xbox Ziaj A|*! -aiEjoll So|8|-yA|2., 

■ l^H&y^: 00368 440 0090(^AlA|- ^-g) 

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xh^a^ ife 7|Ef A|w xHAia §011 cHfl c>i:e|5[ Afg^E 5^»^5^A| at^gi^K 

© 2002 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. 

IVIicrosoft, Xbox iJ Xbox SUfe dR, t||shn|^ SJ/£fe 7|Ef ^7[0\\X-\o\ 

Microsoft Corporation g^ -yfi £fe 4^fi^l-|[IK 

0i7|0|| °JSS ^Xll iSIAM J.m OlSe SHS 4,°Afo| MfiQJ ^ ol^gcK 

Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399 USA 

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||#H se^SJT rXboxS^PSSJ Wfe* : 

■ &?! : 0080144 4231 

■ S;S : 800 96 4215 

■ trinS : 800 4481330 

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©2002 Microsoft Corporation.ftg—aS^il = 

Microsoft ■ Xbox W Xbox SSBtilS Microsoft Corporation SSIHR/sffiRftHS^efiliffliiatisSiSti ° 

*xft+m*f «^as]ifDiip°p ■ ^'sm^mMKf-f\Mzmw • 

Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399 USA. 

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0902 Part Number: X08-B5967-01